Hot hummus, warm welcoming.

Forget about the cold hummus spread boxes you see on your local grocery store, and prepare yourself for a happy hummus experience: VISH – an updated urban hummus bar, serving hot hummus dishes with a variety of tasty toppings, alongside fresh Yemen pita bread, and… a warm smile.

If you’re looking for a delicious vegetarian or vegan kosher meal, rich in nutritional values, that will give you a sense of satiety for a long time, sit back and relax at the bar or at one of our comfortable tables, and just tell us what kind of VISH do you wish.

You can add on top extra chickpeas, Egyptian beans, shakshuka, eggplant, mushrooms, soy, vegan shawarma, or accompany your VISH with finely chopped vegetable salad, made from a selection of fresh vegetables seasoned with high quality Greek olive oil.

Only when we receive your order will we begin to grind the fresh hot chickpeas in front of you in our open kitchen, and prepare your fresh VISH exactly as you requested.
When your dish comes to you in no time, you can finally understand what VISH means: in Hebrew, it means “wiping”, the most satisfying way to enjoy hummus.

So all you have to do is cut yourself a nice piece of pita, “wipe” a nice amount of hummus from the plate, and eat while whispering to yourself: VISH…what a dish!

The philosophy. The Secret recipe. The legendary dish!

If you ask Eliyahoo, the man behind VISH, how an Alternative medicine therapist, becomes a master in making hummus, he will probably tell you that according to his life philosophy, a hot hummus dish, is as good as a body and soul “Bach flowers” treatment.

So in 2008, Eliyahoo stopped mixing accurate quantities of natural extracts, and began mixing accurate quantities of Chickpeas and sesame seeds. Like a good “doctor”, he checked the ingredients repeatedly, added one and reduced the other, blended, tasted and tasted again, until he felt that he’s got the perfect “medicine”:

Hot and delicious kosher hummus, made from the most fresh and high quality ingredients in the world, with no preservatives and no food coloring.

The first hummus restaurant Eliyahoo opened was in “Yokneam”, a small town in northern Israel. The restaurant was tiny, but Eliyahoo’s big heart compensated for that: he served only dishes made of local-grown chickpeas, which were cooked freshly every hour; He grounded the fresh warm peas in front of the customers, added the finest Ethiopian tahini, premium Greek olive oil, handful of aromatic spices (and another secret ingredient he refuses to reveal to this day) and served all this wealth with tasty toppings, alongside a fresh Yemen pita bread.

Over the years, Eliyahoo collaborated with a winning team of professionals, and together they have turned the small hummus restaurant- into the leading hummus brand in Israel!

Today, Eliyahoo’s team are serving their unique hummus in 60 restaurants throughout Israel, and thousands of hummus lovers are willing to swear that it is the most delicious hummus in the world! Now, you can become a fan too!


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